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KETO-LOCA®, who are we?

We are a happy mooded team, located in belgium. Our team is a team of foodies and sweet tooths, we love chocolate and cookies. We kept on searching for the right products, So we decided to create our own range of ketolicious products. We combined our crazy passion for the keto lifestyle and food, in order to create an incredible range of products.

Everything we do is for you! A food lover with a desire to live the loca life. Low carb, it's the way we roll. We don’t want to create just another product, we want to create products that are clean, healthy, delicious and good for your body and soul. 

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KETO-LOCA Chocolates

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What our fans say about us

"I am eating your chocolate like crazy and still losing weight. White creamy chocolate is my absolute favorite. I am super happy that this product exists!"

Nicole B. - The Netherlands

"Very nice that I can eat low-carb and not have to miss chocolate. The chocolate melts in your mouth, take a moment to enjoy it.
Thanks to KETO-LOCA I can enjoy every chocolate moment!"

Otto F.  - Germany

"The crunchy crackers are delicious. I didn't expect it at first,
but they have a very nice bite! 
delicious as a snack or with a cup of soup or salad."

Charlotte D. - Belgium

"The kickstart granola is amazing! Full of taste, made with seeds, nuts and pieces of chocolate. the granola is a big yes for me!
I am Very happy i discovered keto-loca!"

Sabine Z. - France

Trusted by professionals

At KETO-LOCA®, we want to offer you the best products for your lifestyle. That’s why we work with experts in the industry who help us create the best keto products for you. Our impact partners deliver great efforts every day to give us the best advice so we can create a keto confectionery range of the highest standard.

Are you a health professional, dietician, nutritionist, or in any other way shape or form linked to what people should eat? Interested to be part of how we can shape the future of food together?

Then we’d love to hear from you!